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Gasket & O-ring set Bing (2 pieces) -10%

Replacing the gasket(s) with every repair will keep the carburetor leak free.
SAX342051-2 stuks

Membrane Bing (2 pieces) -10%

This is a rubber plate that works as a fuel tap in the carburetor. If your engine is leaking fuel, this could be the cause
SAX342180 -2

Float bowl Bing (2 pieces) - 10%

2 float tanks with free cork gasket 10% discount. If the old float bowl shows cracks at the screws : Replace.

Cover carburetor Bing (2 pieces -10%)

It happens that after a long time a tear appears in the raised ear. This part is for sale separately and the gas and choke levers need to be transferred. Do not forget to order a gasket and dust ring.

Locking plate Choke Bing 4 pcs (-20%)

Above choke slide 5mm locking plate. 4 pc is 20% discount

Side retaining plate Bing 4 pcs (-20%)

This plate is to secure the throttle and choke lever. 4mm
Turbo-2 -10%

CDI without limit (2 pieces) - 10%

With 2 pieces 10% discount Control unit that releases the power that otherwise remains behind the limit. 25% more economical and 25% harder TIP: order the spark plug below (NGK BP-4), then you will at least have the right spark plug!

Battery (2pcs) -10%

Price reduction!! 2 Ah starter battery for the Spartamet. Mi-Mh (Nickel Metal Hydride) Including the mounting felt.

Fuel filter OEM paper (2 pieces) - 10%

10% discount when buying 2 pieces. Paper filters just a little more than a sieve.

Handlebar mirror-left

High quality left handlebar mirror with shatterproof glass. Super mountable in the steerer tube. Adjustable and absolutely vibration-free

Engine stand

stand to set up your separate engine after overhaul or just to store it in the rack. The stand still needs to be put together with wood glue. The protective paper must also be removed from the wood.
Boutset uitlaat

[7] Exhaust bolt set M6 x 16

Boutset carter

[4&5] Bolt set Carter


Decomp hose to carburetor

Armed fuel line that runs from the decompression to the diaphragm plate of the carburetor and is 40 cm. long

Canvas armed fuel hose
Classic, 5.5mm fuel resistant rubber hose with braided sheath, according to DIN 73379-B, VDA 6.1 and ISO 14001 certified A-grade.