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[4] Battery 12V with 3-pin plug

Saxonette Spartamet Companion

Not 1300 but 2000 mAh!

No 71,84 but 59,95


cable ties142X2.5MM,


Convenient, 10 zip ties 14cm long and 5mm wide

Boutset uitlaat

[7] Boutset uitlaat M6 x 16


Alle boutjes vervangen na revisie. Mooi gezicht.

Set van 4 stuks Staal 8.8 Verzinkt

Boutset carter
spartamet-lboutset carter

[4&5] Boutset Carter


Set van 12 bouten. Mooi nieuw na revisie.

Set bestaat uit: 2x 6x55 en 10x 6x35 Staal 8.8 Verzinkt.


Decomp hose to carburetor

Armed fuel line that runs from the decompression to the diaphragm plate of the carburetor and is 40 cm. long

Canvas armed fuel hose
Classic, 5.5mm fuel resistant rubber hose with braided sheath, according to DIN 73379-B, VDA 6.1 and ISO 14001 certified A-grade.


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