Battery / electronics box

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Quick Charger

charger automatically

intelligent charger. Do not worry, Red is charging, green is full. Fully automatic. Never was there such a good battery charger for your moped. New in our range and certainly not expensive.

Green: power on or fully charged.
Red: charging
Green: blink: + and - switch or battery failure.


Cover with screw

New production in 3D print. Super fitting and very strong!

[4] Battery 12V with 3-pin plug

The battery has now been renewed and is of the type: Mi-Mh (Nickel Metal Hydride) Including the mounting felt. INFO 1. Nickel hydride does not contain heavy metals (0% cadmium compared to 15% in nickel-cadmium batteries). 2. Up to 200% higher capacity than nickel-cadmium batteries of the same size. 3. There is no longer any memory effect, the unused capacity always remains fully available. You can now load at any time you wish, without unnecessary loss of capacity.


Charger Adapter Cable Saxonette


2-pole connector set Saxonette


Power plug set 3-pole

1x male house 3x + 1x female connector pin male connector pin female house + 3x For conversion battery box or Charger 2 pole to 3 pole

Female Power plug 3-pole

1x female house + 3x connection pins female For conversion from battery 2 to 3 pole pole.

Male Power plug 3-pole

1x male house + 3x male connector pin for battery box conversion or Charger 2 pole to 3 pole.

Plug for battery box

Contra plug to the battery box to build the new terminal of the ignition coil.