useful tools

Especially sought together for you for Sachs engine.



Engine stand

stand to set up your separate engine after overhaul or just to store it in the rack. The stand still needs to be put together with wood glue. The protective paper must also be removed from the wood.

spark Brush

Very convenient plug brush 10 cm.

Spark plug thread cutting set

Spark plug thread cutting set
thread of the spark plug crazy ?? Then you can throw the cylinder. But not with this set !! 5-piece set to tap new thread, and then placed in a sleeve. After this, the engine is like new.

Spark plug wrench foldable

Never leave without

Bing work standard

Great help with carburettor tinkering. See also the other photos. Glue it together and you're done. (Carburetor not included)

Tacx Conus sleutel 17mm

Bij conventionele naven (zonder machinelagers) moet je speling afstellen. Met de conussleutels kun je houvast krijgen op de smalle vlakjes. Welke maten je allemaal nodig hebt hangt af van de fiets, de sleutels zijn er in 13-14-15 16 en 17mm

Tacx wrench 15

Needed to adjust rear axle

Flywheel puller Morini

With this flywheel puller, your flywheel is loose in a jiffy. (flywheel not included)

Feeler size 13 pieces

0,05 tot en met 1mm

Feeler gauge 6 pieces

Sizes: 0.1 0.15 0.2 0.25 0.3 0.4 Indispensable when adjusting the spool clearance with the flywheel. Advice: buy 2x