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The prizes are named excl. VAT

Welcome to the Spartamet on-line shop. The easiest way to identify the components is to first get the drawings and the parts numbers and print out. Then place your order. The numbers of the components in the drawings are in [] enter it in the search also, so the parts are easy to find. If you are on the right square button you can also search in the description. In "Search" in the menu (next to home), you can even search by "pull out" you will get tips for repair. Deliveries abroad. When paying via Paypal, we spend extra 4% transaction fee.

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Welcome. We are now called: www.spartametonderdelen.nl or www.spartamet-onderdelen.nl this is easy and no pop-ups. If your desired part number is not in the list, we can order it for you as possible. Please include the part number in your email.